10 Best SEO Tips For Beginners

Search Engine Optimization is the process of structuring a web page so that it is found, visited, read and indexed by the search engines. SEO makes your website and its information attractive to the web searchers who search for the statistics. There are numerous search engines, Google has its own value and counts best. So make your firm or website rank in good place by aiming for SEO campaign. Especially if you are new to SEO, then you are probably in search of the best tips. They are

seo tips for beginners 1. Content is King: For the special recognition in the emphasis, certain words and sentences should be used to relate the content. Make sure the information you give is relevant, affirmative and high standard. The content writer should provide a well-structured article with related information in paragraphs.

 2. Link building: Number of links heading back to your sites is important. But the genuine point to be noted here is the links should be linked up to the authoritative sites. Unless you link your website with others there is no chance of visitors finding you on the web.

 3. Update your website: Adding content to your site on a daily basis would help you much. As website should be updated regularly, the search engines start recognising you as a part of it. Get noticed and get high rankings.

 4. Keywords: Select effective keywords which play a very important role. Phrases also act as an optimizing effect. The keywords which are selected should be used all over the article and in website limitedly. One should always be a part of keyword checker.

 5. Use Sitemaps: This is what, which improves the speed with search engines and discover your info. It tells the providers where to look for the information. So create a sitemap of your site and blog which will automatically get updated with post URL’s.

 6. Guest blogging: Check whether all the guest blogs are relevant to the subject of your website. So the more quality sites you create, guest posts will be for the better SEO Company.

 7. Hyperlinks: These interlink your pages in the blog. So anchor text is very important which is basically related to the post. Use appropriate anchor text.

 8.  Proper use of heading, Meta tags: Search engines play dominant role of words which have bold, italic header tags. Make sure the user uses best description for the tag. This is seen in the search result listings. Highlight the keywords and provide backlinks.

 9.  Social networking and bookmarking sites: As there is much traffic for the social media, YouTube and etc. These receive much traffic than the Google, so concentrate these bookmark sites.

10. Customer needs: Target on customer’s needs. Build your website, use keywords according to the viewer’s mind-set. So come out with the common and famous words which should be embedded into the website content.

Always give out a unique and individual piece which will be attractive for the visitors.


About the Author:
The guest post was contributed by Maria, guest blogger from ppi claims , Manchester, UK.   Find out more about her @financeport

4 Responses to “10 Best SEO Tips For Beginners”

  1. mat copper says:

    You have touched some major points of seo. There are 100 of point for being doing seo. Well written.

  2. I believe on her that content is the king nowadays since the google has made several changes on the search engine. Also, just to add some tips for beginners, I think social media sites such as facebook, twitter, google plus to name a few are also one of the most effective tool when you are doing SEO. Most people are now relying on the internet and media so engaging yourself on those platform will also help your business gain some visitors and traffic.

  3. shafeeq says:

    i wish to add something to this…can i maria?
    use wordpress plattform
    ping your new post
    use seo yoast plugin….
    shafeeq recently posted..Best Referral Program to Earn Money OnlineMy Profile

  4. Christo says:

    Hi Maria,

    Thanks for sharing tips for beginners, do you have any new strategies for rankings in google, because after google’s rapid updates many webmasters having difficulty in bringing their keywords in top of google. So if you could possible provide us the latest tips.
    Christo recently posted..Life style in Chennai ApartmentsMy Profile

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